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My Top Ten Ways that I Enjoy my Children

Emily from Wild and Grace wrote this post:


She writes about Lucy of http://lulastic.co.uk/ who is putting life learning videos and blog posts out there for the greater good. Go Lucy! People are curious about this movement.

Emily also wrote a list of ways she enjoys her children and encouraged other parents to write their own list too, and to display it. So I wrote a quick list, for Emily and for me. The whole time thinking… be really honest Amy. This list is not about showing everyone what a great parent you think you are. Its not trying to impress anyone. Its about those small, sacred moments that flash by with your children everyday.

This list would have been different 3 weeks ago when I was Hyper Papparazzi Mum. Now I’m not taking a single photo for a month and also have the double whammy of having my phone broken. Our days have more of those eye to eye, heart to heart, hand to hand moments. Sparkly eye moments.

            My Top Ten Ways to Enjoy my Children.

  1. Listen to the them recount their dreams after waking.
  2. Jumping and diving off the wharf.
  3. Singing together in the car.
  4. Watching them enjoy food. Feasting together.
  5. Acro yoga, I fly CC, Ellie flies Molly.
  6. Doing french plaits in their hair, and them doing mine.
  7. Reading aloud from American Folktales.
  8. Watching them laugh when watching Mr. Bean.
  9. Hiking. Roaming and collecting: stones, shells, clay, rubbish, flowers, sticks, seeds.
  10. Swing in the hammocks under the pohutakawa.

This list is reflective of our lifestyle. We are unschoolers living on a small island that has no roads or shops. Most families may not have half an hour when they first wake up for everyone to talk about last night’s dreams. Im not saying “be like us” but “this works for us.”

Sitting on the swings and hiking are really just catalysts for talking and listening and laughing. Mostly them talking and me listening.

Emily has found “it’s helpful, especially for those rainy days, or those tired days, or those lost days, or those bluesy days to have a list on hand to GO TO which reminds me in what environments it’s easiest to enjoy (my) children, or which activities we all love doing together, or where i find my JOY, or where we all find our flow.”

Thanks Em.


3 thoughts on “My Top Ten Ways that I Enjoy my Children

  1. Chio Reeves

    It is a wonderful idea, so simple but so essential. It has been a long time since I asked myself to reflect on a list like this. Thanks so much Amy, a year ago I probably would have faced a painful silence reading this article but home education has made the difference again!, I can’t wait to write my list.You inspire me.

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