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How We Worldschool. Part 2: Read Novels Aloud

Part two of “How we homeschool,” we read books together as a family. We are living in a 100sqft bus and we have over 80 novels on board! We have far too many, I’ve got to get rid of most of these books (before we return to New Zealand). It forms a big part of our homeschooling, reading novels. We love the Little House on the Prairie series. They’re traveling west in the a little white wagon, we’re traveling west in a little white bus … Pa plays the violin, Pat plays the guitar and ukulele. We’re pretty much exactly the same! We’ve learnt a lot from these books. Such as American history, some great messages, empathy. When I am (buying books) at a thrift store and I’m in a hurry, I Iook for the Newberry medal or honor. I highly recommend all the Newberry medal books, they’re always good books.

Some more thoughts …

I want to make a point about reading together as a family even after your children are proficient readers. For us, books are a springboard to discussion of some important issues that don’t normally arise in our everyday life. Today we finished Sky by Pamela Porter. The story is set in the 1960s on the Blackfeet Reservation in Montana. After an emergency, people are evacuated to a nearby high school, and in the queue to get dinner, the Native Americans are charged $5 per family and the white people are not charged anything. “But thats not fair!” The girls called out. I put the book down and we talked about the issue of racial discrimination that continues in America and in New Zealand today. We are currently living on the Blackfeet Reservation (albeit in a tourist bubble), and this story has maybe helped us to understand the community here a little better.


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  1. Callum

    Hello from New Zealand!

    I love reading aloud still, and look forward to reading aloud to my kids one day! I think what you guys are up to is awesome, and wanna educate my kids the same way (when they come along)! I enjoy the videos, and its opened up the conversation between my girlfriend and I. Many Thanks guys, Safe adventurous travels!

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