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How We Worldschool. Part 1: Attending Events.

I’ve been getting a lot of questions lately about how we homeschool or worldschool so I thought I could make a short series of youtube videos and blogpost to try and show you how we do it, as we’re doing the things (that comprise our worldschool education). Today we are driving to Glacier National Park. We are attending an event for the meteor shower, its called Half the Park Happens After Dark and its a star party. There will be Rangers there, telling the story of the night sky. Telling Blackfeet legends about all the constellations. Hopefully we can also see the meteor shower, they’re going to have telescopes there.

Attending events forms a big part of how we worldschool, we get out in our community and learn from the world around us. Tonight we learn some astronomy (viewing stars) math (discussing light years and numbers of stars), physics (how the telescopes work) and ethnology (Blackfeet legends).

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