Ocean Family Road Trip

Fifth Water Hot Springs, Utah

Fifth Water Hot Springs is a moderate one hour hike from the trailhead in the Unita National Forest in Utah. The water temperature varies from pool to pool, the upper pools are very hot, you can only really stay in for 15 minutes. Such an awesome setting with a big waterfall gushing by, spraying you with a cool mist. The lower three pools are on the trail side of the river but to get to the upper two pools, you have to cross the river. There is a stone fire circle next to the pools, it would have been lovely to stay later, have a fire and star gaze from the hot springs. In between the Fifth Water Hot Springs trailhead and Diamond Campground you will see a sign for Dry Canyon. Camping is across the bridge from the parking lot. There is a clean vault toilet and fire pits. Gathering fallen wood is allowed. This is where we camped the night after our soak!

The lower two pools.

The top pool.

This was the only place we could find to cross to the upper pools, the river was high that day. In summer it would be much easier!

In one of the upper pools, theres a nice shady rock. 


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