Ocean Family Road Trip

A Thousand Trails. We got kicked out of the old folks home.

Day 1. There is no wilderness at Wilderness Lakes RV Resort in Menifee California – nor are there lakes. There are however, filthy canals and hundreds of ducks. We bought a year long “zone pass” membership to Thousand Trials for $565, which means we can stay at their RV Parks for 2 weeks at a time. There are 535 sites here at Wildness Lakes and every single one is full. We are all crammed in with the duck shit and the fighting geese. There’s no privacy so everyone hides in their rig with the air con on and their weird freaky hair glowing the light of the tv.

Day 3. There are a few good things about this place. There’s hot showers, flush toilets, 2 spas and a big pool. There’s a family lodge with power outlets and schelduled activities, including a board game room where you can borrow games for free. There’s also a good book exchange. The girls have made a friend and last night we went to see her sing with her family, in the Euphoria Family Band concert.

Day 6. Two old men pull up into our site in a golf cart. “Ma’am, ‘cuse me maaaaa’ am.” I hate being called ma’am. I emerge in my swimsuit and a towel, eating popcorn and frowning at them. “You need to display your pass in the windshield.” “Oh my husband has it and he’s in town.” Then they drop on me casually, “Oh, and your rig is not really allowed here.” I’m thinking, shit I can hardly drive this thing, I hope I don’t have to move it now. I argue that is has everything an RV has, and it’s in great condition. They take photos of it to send to HQ and say its out of their hands.

Day 7. Wilderness lakes staff made my new Canadian friend Melanie take down her hammock. They said “If they let her, then all the guests would put their hammocks up.”
Oh dear me, then f ***ing hell would break lose.

Day 8. We witness a spat between 2 old men in the spa. One wants the bubbles on and one does not. Neither wants to simply go into the other spa. It’s the principle of the thing, you see. They exit and enter the spa over 20 times to turn the switch on and off. Finally ones gets management, who says “Bubbles on.” The other leaves, miserably, but not without turning the bubbles off one last time.

Day 11. We leave the park. We know we have stayed 10 nights at shitty Wilderness Lakes for essentially US$60 per night. We received a letter saying the bus is not allowed in any of their RV Parks and that our membership is suspended to camping only.

All in all, the Thousand Trails pass provides great value for families traveling full-time who are not ready to leave suburbia or who need all the amenities for full-time online work. If you own a Skoolie or van and want to camp in actual wilderness, don’t waste your money. Living nomadically can be hard and challenging and if we had to stay in Thousand Trails RV parks, it wouldn’t make the struggle worth it.Β It’s the type of place you may want to come to occasionally for a swim and a shower, but get in and get out! An don’t turn the spa bubbles off.

UPDATE: A Thousand Trails has given us a full refund on our membership. Thank you to all those who commented saying we should get a refund, it encouraged us to pursue it. Thank you to A Thousand Trails and Thank you readers.




21 thoughts on “A Thousand Trails. We got kicked out of the old folks home.

  1. Donna Kulee

    I LOVE your writing style! I am wondering if you are a professional author? If not, you should be. You had me laughing so hard! πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  2. Linda Gillespie

    My husband and I were just thinking how much we are enjoying Wilderness. There are not hundreds of ducks, there are quite a few but not hundreds. There is not a bunch of crap everywhere either. This is our second time here in four years. The last time was ok but we felt the staff were not very friendly. But this time everyone has been friendly and helpful. Every site is not full, we were able to find a pull thru site fairly quickly and with our trailer we are 65 ft long. We haven’t used many of the facilities but we have used the shuffle board court, which we were pleased to see was in good shape. We also plan on using the minature golf course. We also fell it is very peaceful here. We are enjoying our stay here.

  3. Dan

    “Two old men pull up into our site in a golf cart.” You mean two TT employees pulled up in a golf cart to tell you once again (as informed at check in) that you must display a tag either on the rig visible from the road, or on the pedestal. You have one tag to display at the site, and one for your tow vehicle. Why do you refer to the two park employees so derisively as “two old men”?

    β€œMa’am, β€˜cuse me maaaaa’ am. I hate being called ma’am.” They could not call out your name because you did not post the tag as required. How did you expect them to address you? Ma’am is used as a title of respect that you apparently are not used to. As in yes sir, yes ma’am.

    ” I emerge ……… frowning at them.” Why act that way with the “two old men” doing their jobs as park employees?

    “We witness a spat between “2 old men””. Are your parents still alive? Did you express the same ageism towards them?

    So many swear words on your blog. Do you use this kind of profanity around your children? Home schooling them in profanity, disrespect for others, and to hate old people?

    I hope TT gives you a refund and you find places that work for you and your family.

    1. amyahoy Post author

      Hi Dan, you’re right, I am absolutely being ageist. I don’t use profanity around my kids or teach them to be ageist (they don’t read my blog!) I guess I’m just frustrated about the whole thing and using my blog to vent. Thanks for taking the time to read and comment.

      1. Athena

        Maybe her husband had forgot the pass in his vehicle when he went to town? People get distracted when they are setting up camp. Maybe they weren’t in some type of company attire when they approached so it was just two old guys with I assume a drawl to their speech. Saying two old men is not derogatory it’s discreptive, people get old, people look old it’s not an insult, unless you’re a crotchety, bitter old man that I assume that you are Dan. Seeing two old dudes or two young dudes bickering over bubbles like two old bitties is funny. Which my 76 year old father would have found just as hilarious. It’s not ageist it’s descriptive. Women don’t like being called ma’am in a lot of the country because, it makes them feel old. The proper way to greet a woman is to say Miss. Also Dan, don’t be such a fucking, judgemental, bitter bitchy asshole. Swear words don’t fucking matter, remove the corn cob from your ass.

  4. Shannon

    I so feel like i’m there with you, this is hilarious and i feel your pain. Cultural differences extend to humour i guess, reviews are written from personal emotive experience, good on you for sharing yours in an entertaining way. I also enjoy how a couple of the above commentors are reviewing your review, that shit is funny yo. Yep, i didnt even * out the “i”, so profane us NZ’ders, tis why our country is such a horrible place. Miss you babes x

  5. Kim

    Hilarity, reading your blog and reading the reviews. That USA is so darned funny. I remember travelling through with my mum and dad in an RV and staying in these stale RV parks with people all inside with the AC on, glowing hair from the TV show addictions. I used to run away and smoke. I remember one old woman running after me telling me I couldn’t smoke because I was a minor. It just made me want to smoke more and more.
    I hope my comment gets reviewed.

  6. Annika

    Haha love the way you write Amy it is so emotive, I can feel the frustration and even the humorous side!! Gave me a good laugh. Hope you find a real Wilderness and a lake soon

  7. Lance

    Ahhhh, trailer park life in Riverside California. That’s as real as it gets. You’re not too far from my old hood. If you want to check out a lake go to Lake Elsinore. It’s in a sort of natural bowl so it gets up close to 50 C during the summer and it’s pretty green from algae. That whole area just gets stinking hot from May through to September. There are also Skinner and Diamond Valley both which are reservoirs. I think I went fishing at Skinner once with some friends and it was not too bad. Exploring in Lake Skinner park could be really cool. It all looks really barren and desolate but there are a lot of interesting creatures around if you look for them. Just be careful of rattlers πŸ™‚

    1. amyahoy Post author

      Cheers Lance, we actually camped for a week in El Cariso campground above Lake Elsinore. Haven’t checked out the falls yet. The kids saw a baby rattler by the creek! Will check out Lake Skinner – thanks for the tip! Looking forward to catching up with the mount crew next summer.

  8. Nick

    After reviewing the comments I am reminded of the old sage platitude “There is an ass for every seat” clearly you guys’ asses don’t belong in that one! Hey, isn’t this the place you said we couldn’t visit you at because of the “no dogs over 12 inches tall” rule? A place in fact that is perfect for huge rigs and tiny dogs…

  9. Bert

    I love this post. We’re working on a Skoolie ourselves. I’ve heard that a lot of skoolie owners have issues at RV parks, but haven’t ever heard any personal accounts. Your writing is colorful. Two bickering old men in a RV park hot tub are just that. I enjoy your perspective and others do to. Keep doing what you do. πŸ™‚

  10. Pattie

    Amy…permission please to help Dan understand why his post is ridiculous or wait might that be bait for a person like him. πŸ€—
    Loved reading it and anyone that knows you enjoyed it to the max!!

  11. Andrea

    I Can’t imagine the kind of insane sh*t that would go down if EVERYONE put up a hammock! Just think of all that offensive relaxation that may occur!

  12. Randy Church

    Got turned away at Morgan Hill for the condition of my rig. I am a disabled person and was exhausted and my dog had injured herself the previous day. I keep my hair short so my Traumatic Brain Injury scar is obvious. You know I had that showing. I asked for a refusal in writing. I make it perfectly clear that I am an exhausted disabled person and I really need my spot. I had paid for it and had been accepted at several other parks without issue. One of the things they were pointing to was a lens cover off a running light on the cabover portion of my class C Toyota. Must have fell off on my way to Morgan Hill from Lake of the Springs. Didn’t know it was even missing. If it was enough of a safety concern to keep me out, how come I was not informed it was missing? Would have been good to know. Anyhow. Not sure how this is all going to resolve it’s self. I even paid my dues in advance. Being disabled I wanted to make sure I had a place to go when my health is off. Guess TT doesn’t care about disabled people even when they have paid and paid in advance. FOUL! Given my brain injury I might need some help in dealing with the member services people.

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