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Jan 2, 2016
On the highway from Topeka to Wichita in Kansas there are all these large birds, brown with a puffy white chest, that line the highway. Every mile or so there was one or two. It must have been the wind direction but they were all facing the same way and that way was the way we were going, which gave you the sense that that were guarding the road for our journey.

Jan 8, 2016
This morning awoke to the sound of coyotes. The kids were all hanging out the drivers seat window, spotting 3 of them, moving across the ridge. I got out of the bus. The sky was bright pink, the sun was coming up, there where dark towering cacti silhouettes and everything was quiet. One coyote gracefully ran down the hill in front of a cacti not more than that 50m from me and it was a beautiful sight.

I thought how I would never get to be out here in the Arizona desert, seeing this all before me, unless I was living out of a camper. I knew I would connect with nature on this trip, but didn’t know exactly how or when. I wanted to get more in touch with the part of me that was wild.

I walked down the bank to the flood plain. I searched around for that coyote and spotted it a few hundreds meters away squatting by a bush. How fitting. I felt a sense of oneness with this coyote. We both shit on the same plane.

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