Ocean Family Road Trip

Jerry Johnson Hotsprings, Idaho, USA

Jerry Johnson Hotsprings, are free and wild and located in the Clearwater National Forest, in Northern Idaho. They are an easy

Part 3 of How We Worldschool: Do real work.

Video Dialogue. “Hey! This is part 3 of how we homeschool, we do work. We do real work in the world. Right now we’

How We Worldschool. Part 2: Read Novels Aloud

Part two of “How we homeschool,” we read books together as a family. We are living in a 100sqft bus and we have ov

How We Worldschool. Part 1: Attending Events.

I’ve been getting a lot of questions lately about how we homeschool or worldschool so I thought I could make a short ser

Meadow Hotsprings, Utah.

Meadow Hotspring, Utah. This pool, one of three at Meadow Hotsprings, is deep, clean and located in the middle of a beautiful


Somewhere up on Logan Pass in Glacier National Park in Montana, 4 long distance hikers are waking up, hungover. They will stum

This is Yellowstone so put on your Big Girl Panties

    I am in the town of West Yellowstone waiting on 4 loads of laundry. I’ve just had my first hot shower in a

Fifth Water Hot Springs, Utah

Fifth Water Hot Springs is a moderate one hour hike from the trailhead in the Unita National Forest in Utah. The water tempera

Video of our Baja Easter Trip

Here’s a video I made of the Easter trip to some┬áhot springs in Baja. The whole trip cost us under $300 dollars, (gas,

The most exciting day of my life.

Back on the I15, back on the road, I started googling campgrounds. We could stay at Yuba State Park for $15. A lake caused by