Ocean Family Road Trip

How We Worldschool. Part 2: Read Novels Aloud

Part two of “How we homeschool,” we read books together as a family. We are living in a 100sqft bus and we have ov

How We Worldschool. Part 1: Attending Events.

I’ve been getting a lot of questions lately about how we homeschool or worldschool so I thought I could make a short ser

Meadow Hotsprings, Utah.

Meadow Hotspring, Utah. This pool, one of three at Meadow Hotsprings, is deep, clean and located in the middle of a beautiful


Somewhere up on Logan Pass in Glacier National Park in Montana, 4 long distance hikers are waking up, hungover. They will stum

This is Yellowstone so put on your Big Girl Panties

    I am in the town of West Yellowstone waiting on 4 loads of laundry. I’ve just had my first hot shower in a

Fifth Water Hot Springs, Utah

Fifth Water Hot Springs is a moderate one hour hike from the trailhead in the Unita National Forest in Utah. The water tempera

Video of our Baja Easter Trip

Here’s a video I made of the Easter trip to some hot springs in Baja. The whole trip cost us under $300 dollars, (gas,

The most exciting day of my life.

Back on the I15, back on the road, I started googling campgrounds. We could stay at Yuba State Park for $15. A lake caused by

Campground Bliss

Hello all, We are having such a happy time. Here’s some little scribblings from my journal to describe where we are and our

A Thousand Trails. We got kicked out of the old folks home.

Day 1. There is no wilderness at Wilderness Lakes RV Resort in Menifee California – nor are there lakes. There are howev