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Meadow Hotsprings, Utah.

Meadow Hotspring, Utah.

This pool, one of three at Meadow Hotsprings, is deep, clean and located in the middle of a beautiful meadow, with the Pahvant Mountains in the distance. Its stunning! It was such a happy surprise.

Entry to Meadow Hotsprings is free and camping is allowed. Help keep it this way by picking up any rubbish you see and by making a donation in the box provided.

This spot can get busy on weekends with people drinking and playing loud music until the wee hours.

Its super easy to get to being only 5 minutes from I15. See map below or type “Meadow Hotspings” into Google maps. The dirt road is a little bumpy.

The water temperature is about 100 degrees. Its very clean and has no sulfur smell. It’s also really deep for a natural hot spring, around 30 feet. I would love to come back here when it’s snowing. I love that you are welcome to camp here and can see the pool and the meadow in the changing light, in all it’s splendor.

So, all you digital nomads, dirtbag climbers, roadschoolers and vanlifers ….. go soak your bones.

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