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Video of our Baja Easter Trip

Here’s a video I made of the Easter trip to some hot springs in Baja. The whole trip cost us under $300 dollars, (gas, accommodation, mex car insurance) and the border crossings were a breeze.

We had to drive across a large dried up lake to get to the canyon, and the road up was pretty bad. Its the hardest road we’ve ever taken the bus on, but it was worth it.
At our campsite we had our own private hot mineral water spa, as well as a larger cold pool. We also had access to 3 larger pools on the property. There is the natural fresh water cold pool, an hour into the canyon. During that hike the kids filled 2 full bags of rubbish, which made me very proud. We also met a gang of 40 mexican backcountry hikers who had been hiking and climbing out in the heat for days. They were yelling and were very happy to see us at it meant they were close to the end. They spoke of ice and beer. Desert flowers, wild burros, jack rabbits, its an interesting area. We played marco polo, bullrush, read, feasted, sang songs. It was a very happy Easter. And did I mention the dishwashing?! Because of the hot mineral water on tap, dish washing was a breeze. Yes this campground gets 5 stars for dish washing facilities.
I hope you enjoy this video, and it inspires all those people out there who are hesitant to cross the border in Mexico … to do it.

A big thank you to Maiana and Nick for organising this trip. They are still down in Baja, living the dream. Check out their photos on IG @lickinpicket. Love yous!


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  1. it's me Nick

    So sweet Amy! Thanks for making these little movies. Great moments to remember. The whole ride into the canyon we kept saying : “did Shelby make it through this??, could Shelby fit through here??? We sure hope so!!! etc etc.” We were so happy to see that she indeed did make it! So much fun!


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