Ocean Family Road Trip

Campground Bliss

Hello all,
We are having such a happy time. Here’s some little scribblings from my journal to describe where we are and our new pace of life. Even when we move back into a house I hope to still spend most of my time outside and especially cook outside, and eat outside and have evening fires outside.

Journal Entry March 28
The way that the tall grass seed heads catch the light and move in the breeze is mesmerizing. Five of us, hanging out today on the edge of a meadow. We’ve lay the yoga mats and blankets out. We get up only to move them from the shade to the sun. We are eating strawberries and talking about our dream houses and New Zealand. We are talking about making moccasins for our months in Montana. Happiness is sunshine and a cooler full of books. Ahead of me are the dry hills, behind me the california chaparral. There’s not another soul in sight although I can hear the highway. Two red tailed hawks circle peacefully head, my youngest jumps on my back. There are some tall yellow flowering plants interspersed in the golden grass. There are also many tiny purple flowers that look like miniature daises.
We feel immune to the world out here on this meadow. I now know why Rumi chose a meadow for the place of refuge in his poem, we the rules of society seem insignificant.

“Out beyond ideas of wrongdoing and rightdoing,
there is a field. I’ll meet you there.

When the soul lies down in that grass,
the world is too full to talk about.
Ideas, language, even the phrase “each other” doesn’t make any sense.”
Journal Entry April 4th
With a full belly and the dishes down, Im sitting infront a bright and roaring campfire. I built it with dead oak branches that I dragged from the hillside. The moon is a bright sliver shining in the light blue sky right before nightfall. A big branch is silhouetted next to the moon and it is like a painting. Some people have that painting in their living room – I’ve seen it before.
I’ve been outside all day long. By the creek, by the wildflowers, cooking, reading. We saw a beautiful dark green rattlesnake today. Im thinking how happy I am to have done this trip. I often write about hard times but truly, most of the time I’m pinching myself. Happiness for me today is sunshine and seemingly unlimited firewood.

Journal Entry April 6th
We are camping in Anza Borrego State park to hike and seeing the super bloom. There are wildflowers everywhere! You bet I’m out there with all the other paparazzi snapping away, cropping out other tourists. Pat has bought a guitar and is playing a few hours a day. The girls sing along, a lot of Johhny Cash which I’m getting sick of. It seems to suit the desert though. A old timey cowboy could roam on past on his horse and would seem perfectly in place among the dry hills and cacti. It is nice to be back under deserts skies. Happiness is sunshine, and a big block of ice

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  1. Fay Richardson

    yes,you are capturing the essense,i relate to so much of what you are experiencing,as i feel the same about Kawau Island

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